CALO powered by the Kyield OS

Kyield OS

The Kyield operating system is based on the theorem ‘yield management of knowledge’ developed by Kyield’s founder in 1997. The Kyield OS provides optimal network management at the confluence of human and machine intelligence. The patented AI system core is fully adaptive and tailored to the unique profiles of each entity with a simple natural language interface. Among many benefits of the Kyield OS include data optimization at scale far beyond the ability of humans alone, enhanced data integrity, stronger security, crises prevention, improved productivity, and continuous learning for each individual, team, and organization. Data ownership and control remains with customers unless required by regulatory or per agreement.

The CKO Engine

The CKO Engine provides rules-based governance for the entire distributed network including regulatory, permissions, and security. Each module in the system includes semi-automated controls in a simple to use natural language interface. The CKO Engine is the most complex component in the Kyield enterprise design, acting as the brains for the neural network within the distributed Kyield OS. The combination of the structured data, system design and applications allows the entire organization to self-manage their digital work environment within the corporate parameters and mission of the organization.

The Group Module

The Group Module serves as the administrative tool for business groups, large teams, and partners. A light version of the CKO Engine that is ideal for business units, departments or agencies, the Group Module enables groups to customize their data consumption, workflow, communications, and business intelligence to the specific needs of the unit or team. It also allows business unit managers to manage relationships internally and externally, refine human performance metrics, employ algorithms and ratios within the parameters set by the CKO Engine, and comply with regional regulatory, language and culture issues. The module can adapt continuously as necessary within the parameters set by the CKO Engine and can be managed by an operations manager with minimal training. The Group Module is designed to provide the business unit with the adaptive data management they need to optimize and leverage data analytics and workflow to achieve their goals.

Individual Module

The Individual Module is in some respects the most important part of the Kyield system as organizations are dependent upon individuals for every aspect of the operation. Most of the discovery, intellectual capital, innovation, opportunity, risk, and prevention is sourced from individuals in digital form, but IT systems tend to be designed to exploit individuals rather than empower, resulting in counter productive or even toxic behavior. While the Individual Module must work within the regulatory, policy, legal, and mission parameters in the digital workplace, each individual in the Kyield system is provided more advanced functionality at higher performance levels than any known system. This can be achieved due to a combination of the rich semantic intelligence in the Kyield system, algorithmic functionality of the CKO Engine, Group Module, Individual Modules, and how they interact. The individual modules are transparent, revealing what type of algorithms are used and for what purpose. Trade secrets are withheld.

Systems run on the Kyield OS

A byproduct of the architecture necessary to execute functionality within the Kyield OS is deep intelligence on workflow. While Kyield makes no claim on the data ownership or control beyond required by law and as pre-agreed with customers for specific needs, that rich intelligence allows Kyield and/or customers to develop valuable programs, algorithms and systems on systems for customers. To view products and systems see navigation below header photo (upper left).