15 Enterprise AI Management Principles (KYield)

We recently published our Enterprise AI Management Principles complete with rationale and implication of each. We also published a scenario paper on digital supply chain risk, which highlights each of the Principles in action: ‘Principled Leadership: A Case for Enterprise-wide Artificial Intelligence (AI)‘. Given the importance of the principles, we then decided to produce a… Read More

Top 10 trends in AI systems by 2020

10. Automated warfare may begin in 2019. Modern automated warfare began with the Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System, which has roots in the 1980s Reagan era. The potential now exists for high-scale automated offensive attacks, whether used by terrorist groups or state actors at massive scale. The risk of a billion drones attacking complete with primitive… Read More

An open letter to Fortune 500 CEOs on AI systems from Kyield’s founder

I wanted to share a general pattern that is negatively impacting organizations in part due to the compounding effect it has on the broader economy. Essentially this can be reduced to misapplying the company’s playbook in dealing with advanced technology (AI systems). Read More