Kyield OS CALO Diagram

Diagram of the Kyield OS (upper left panel under AI augmentation is patented – M. Montgomery, ‘Modular system for optimizing knowledge yield in the digital workplace’, USPTO #8,005,778, 8/23/2011)

CALO (Continuously Adaptive Learning Organization)

The R&D underpinning the Kyield OS is focused on universal issues for any networked organization. Customers are provided with a pre-engineered system installed in corporate datacenters and individual modules installed in devices that interact through public or private clouds. The standard Kyield OS includes significant tradecraft and secrets as well as our patented core AI system, which automatically structures and populates data for and between each entity across the organization and network to optimize outcomes. Several algorithmic functions for enhanced knowledge work are included in the standard OS, including discovery, productivity, security, and prevention. The broad goal of the Kyield OS is to achieve yield management of knowledge for each entity resulting in a continuously adaptive learning organization (CALO).