15 Enterprise AI Management Principles (KYield)

We recently published our Enterprise AI Management Principles complete with rationale and implication of each. We also published a scenario paper on digital supply chain risk, which highlights each of the Principles in action: ‘Principled Leadership: A Case for Enterprise-wide Artificial Intelligence (AI)‘. Given the importance of the principles, we then decided to produce a… Read More

New E-Book: Ascension to a Higher Level of Performance

I just completed an extensive e-book for customers and prospective customers, which should be of interest to all senior management teams in all sectors as the content impacts every aspect of individual and corporate performance.

Ascension to a Higher Level of Performance

The Kyield OS: A Unified AI System Read More

Key patent issued

My key patent for Kyield was issued today by the USPTO as scheduled earlier this month.

Title: Modular system for optimizing knowledge yield in the digital workplace

Abstract: A networked computer system, architecture, and method are provided for optimizing human and intellectual capital in the digital workplace environment.
To view our press release go here

To view the actual patent go here

I will post an article when time allows on the importance of this technology and IP, and perhaps one on the experience with the patent system. Thanks, MM Read More