The ‘Sweet Spot of Big Data’ May Contain a Sour Surprise for Some

I’ve been observing a rather distasteful trend in big data for the enterprise market over the past 18 months that has reached the point of wanting to share some thoughts despite a growing mountain of other priorities.

As the big data hype grew over the past few years, much of which was enabled by Hadoop and other FOSS stacks, internal and external teams serving large companies have perfected a (sweet spot) model that is tailored to the environment and tech stack. Many vendors have also tailored their offerings for the model backed up with arguably too much funding by VCs, dozens too many analyst reports, and a half-dozen too many CIO publications attempting to extend reach and increase the add spend. Read More

Preparing for the big data storm in mHealth

For some time now I have been thinking about structures, classifications, compression, security, scaling, and synthesis for the anticipated big data storm that will be created by mobile health. Even with a healthy dose of de-hyped skepticism, the mobile health data storm promises record high sustained winds, with much higher gusts. An extension of the Internet and Web, which is often compared to a global hydro network or an electric grid, mobility also contains dynamics more comparable to solar winds, complete we hope with personalized recipes that will positively impact human behavior, diagnostics, and therapies….. Read More