New E-Book: Ascension to a Higher Level of Performance

I just completed an extensive e-book for customers and prospective customers, which should be of interest to all senior management teams in all sectors as the content impacts every aspect of individual and corporate performance.

Ascension to a Higher Level of Performance

The Kyield OS: A Unified AI System Read More

‘Soldiers for Summits’ is a Great Way To Help Military Veterans

Michael Fairman is an Afghanistan veteran (USN Hospital Corpsman, Fleet Marine Force) who served his country and many others in so doing for 19 years. His father was also a veteran and his son recently returned from his first deployment. Mike is also co-founder of Soldiers for Summits, which is focused on reducing the suicide… Read More

After 120 Labor Day Holidays, What Have We Learned?

In reflecting on the current workforce, global economy, technology, and labor markets, I revisited the origins of the U.S. Labor Day, which is celebrated on the first Monday in September, similar to the International Worker’s Day on May 1. While the tipping point for political winds appears to have been the Haymarket riot in Chicago… Read More

Kyield Enterprise Description Converted to StratML

I just wanted to point to a nice conversion of our Kyield Enterprise description to Strategy Markup Language (StratML); an XML vocabulary and schema for strategic plans. The work was performed without solicitation over the weekend by Owen Ambur, Chair AIIM StratML & Co-Chair Emeritus The human readable version (styled) of Kyield Enterprise in StratML can… Read More

Web site update: Ten industry sectors

Just a quick note today as I wanted to share a new section of our web site that briefly describes sectors of our economy that our research suggests would be well matched to Kyield enterprise. These ten sectors will be expanded to twelve in the near future with more detail on each, but we’ve had to restrict our published use cases due to the competitive nature of our industry and use of the Web. We will continue to develop specific use cases for clients in each industry to help them understand the functionality, value, and assess needs. Read More

Future of BI in the Organization

We enjoyed a pleasant surprise this week in the form of a new Forrester report that named Kyield as one of the interviews. The topic and content was certainly appropriate for introducing Kyield to Forrester clients—Future of BI: Top Ten Business Intelligence Predictions for 2012, by Boris Evelson and Anjali Yakkundi with Stephen Powers and Shannon Coyne. –I have reviewed the brief paper, finding that I am in substantial agreement with the direction and predictions so I recommend the product. The accuracy of any prediction is of course dependent upon many variables, however, so I wanted to follow up and share a few additional thoughts. Read More