Just a quick note today as I wanted to share a new section of our web site that briefly describes sectors of our economy that our research suggests would be well matched to Kyield enterprise.  These ten sectors will be expanded to twelve in the near future with more detail on each, but we’ve had to restrict our published use cases due to the competitive nature of our industry and use of the Web. We will continue to develop specific use cases for clients in each industry to help them understand the functionality, value, and assess needs.

I am headed out the door with our dog for a nice long hike in the fabulous sunshine and clean air of the southern Rockies at 7,000 ft elevation.  It occurred to me that it’s been too long since I took a few hours off and got some exercise… with a little reminder via the stern gaze and voiceless communication from Sophie….

time to get away from the machines for a while.. cheers, MM

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