Semantic Scenarios for the Intelligent Enterprise
A Kyield Hypothetical Use Case
October, 2009

SCENARIO 3: Roger the electrician at the hydro dam 

A hypothetical yet plausible scenario is presented that demonstrates the value of a state-of-the-art knowledge system deployed in a highly tailored, mission-specific environment, resulting in a very high triple bottom line ROI.

Summary: An energy industry employee normally unassociated with the term ‘knowledge worker’ proves essential to his employer, community, and national security. On a routine task in the field, Roger notices something odd, which initiates a series of data transactions. A ‘near miss’ between personal mobile phones has potentially catastrophic consequences.  The data reaches the appropriate team member in the decision chain, who begins the investigation. Fortunately for downstream residents, the facility was included in a test of the DHS prototype; a highly defined mission-oriented system with precision semantic intelligence embedded in every file entered into the system. The fully automated DHS system embraces interoperable standards, allowing less costly integration with powerful programs, essential allies, and global partners.  A classic case of well connected dots along a data trail with short cuts made possible only by highly relevant semantic intelligence embedded within a logical, holistic design.

Go here to download the full use case.

Mark Montgomery
Founder & CEO – Kyield
Twitter: @kyield

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